Frequently asked questions about Asia Cup Competition

Last updated 19 July 2018.

General Information

Q:The release of the moot problem and clarifications

A: The Problem for the competition is released in April every year. The specific release date of the problem and opening date of the team registration for the current season will be announced on this website. We do not at any point accept clarifications from participants. Per the rules, the committee might however release a list of supplementary facts, which the participants can use in their arguments.

Q: Can we receive financial support for travel expenses?

A: The committee provides financial support to teams having difficulty with funding themselves in attending the oral rounds. The amount to be awarded will be decided based on the result of the memorial rounds and multiple other factors including availability of funds. Teams should not expect to receive a full compensation for necessary costs; assistance through our financial support program usually covers your expenses only partially. Moreover, this should not be taken as a guarantee that teams advancing will definitely receive financial support from the committee, and each team must be prepared to attend the oral rounds even without the committee’s assistance

Q: Team Registration Fee for Asia Cup Competition

A: To participate in the competition, you do not have to pay any registration fee.

Q: Eligibility to participate in Asia Cup Competition

A: Any student pursuing a law degree or a degree related to international law at a law school, law faculty, or an institution, having a degree program in international law and located in Asia, is eligible to participate in the Competition. Any individual who has practiced law is not eligible to participate, notwithstanding their current status.
Each institution may register only one team to compete. If more than two teams are willing to participate, the registering institution should, with the means of their choice, decide the representing team, before the official registration deadline set by the committee. Please see the Official Rules for more detailed information regarding eligibility.

Q: Certificate of Participation

A: The Committee provides a certificate of participation only for the oralists who have attended the oral rounds in Tokyo.

Competition Format

Q: Preliminary Round and Oral Rounds

A: Asia Cup Moot Court Competition consists of two levels.
(1) the Preliminary (Memorial) Round and (2) the Oral Rounds. 

(1) Preliminary Round (Memorial Round): All of the team participating Asia Cup will participate in the Preliminary Round. In the event that multiple teams are registered from a single country, only the team with the highest memorial score will advance for the oral rounds. The score of the Preliminary Round will be included the total score.
(2) Oral Rounds: The Oral Rounds of Asia Cup Moot Court Competition is held in Tokyo, Japan. Every advancing team will have pleadings at least once as Applicant and once as Respondent during the Oral Rounds. Please see the Official Rules for more detailed information.

Q. Are teams required to draft the memorial for the respondent as well?

A: Throughout the competition, teams will be asked to submit the memorial only for the applicant, and do not at any point need to be ready with a respondent’s memorial. Teams advancing to the oral rounds will however need to draft a short summary of oral arguments both for the applicant and the respondent.

Q. Results and the score of the memorial

A: Results of the Preliminary Round is to be provided on the website and will simultaneously be notified to each participant via e-mail. In principle, we do not disclose to the public the names or scores of the institutions participating in the preliminary rounds.