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Frequently Asked Questions about Asia Cup

Last updated 9 April 2021

Q: When is the Competition Problem released and when does registration open?

A: The Competition Problem is released in April every year. The specific release date of the Problem and the opening date of team registration will be announced on this website. We accept a request for clarifications and may publish a supplement in accordance with Article 5 of the Official Rules.

Q: Can we receive financial support for travel expenses?

A: The Organizing Committee may provide financial support to teams having difficulty with funding themselves to participate in the Oral Rounds. In order to receive the financial support for travel expenses, a team must apply to the Organizing Committee by the deadline. The amount to be granted depends on the necessity and the availability of funds, but our support usually covers only part of the travel expenses. Teams should not expect that the Committee’s support covers the entire costs. Each team should thus be prepared to participate in the Oral Rounds without the Committee’s financial support.

Q: Do we have to pay a registration fee?

A: Teams do not have to pay any registration fee in order to participate in Asia Cup.

Q: Who can participate in Asia Cup?

A: Any undergraduate student in Asia can participate in Asia Cup in principle. For detailed information, please see the Official Rules.

Q: How is Asia Cup structured?

A: Asia Cup consists of written pleadings (Memorials) and oral pleadings (Oral Rounds). For detailed information, please see the Official Rules.

Q: Is a team required to prepare a Memorial for Respondent as well?

A: Each team needs to submit a Memorial for Applicant only. However, teams which participate in the Oral Rounds need to submit a Summary of Oral Pleadings both for Applicant and Respondent.

Q: Can we receive a certificate of participation?

A: The Organizing Committee will provide those who participated in the Oral Rounds with a certificate of participation after the completion of Asia Cup.