the asia cup 2019 -international law moot court competition- The Nippon Foundation


Asia Cup 2019 Champion: University of the Philippines

Team Members TORRES, Leslie Diane D.; SISON, Anton Miguel A.; ESTIOCO, Marianne Angeli B.; HERNANDEZ, Abelardo G.

Runner-up: Russian State University of Justice

Team Members Maria Alieva; Aleksandra Mazka; Aleksandr Lashch; Konstantin Efrosman

Results of the Semifinal and Final Rounds

Overall Rankings

The Best Memorial Award: Russian State University of Justice [Memorial]

Memorials Rankings

The Best Applicant Oralist Award: TORRES, Leslie Diane D.

(University of the Philippines)

The Best Respondent Oralist Award: Naila Amatullah

(Universitas Padjadjaran (Indonesia))

Top 10 Applicant/Respondent Oralists